Information on Final Entries Submission


As always, I set this according to the last time zone on earth so that as long as MAY 30 is running anywhere, you can submit :wink:

That would be the International Date Line West time zone… UTC-12


Hi @Nacevic.nenad

I do see the “Final Entry - Seven Chapters Of The Day” so you ar good :wink:


I see 9 final entries made so far, so it seems system is working ok :wink:


Uploaded it the second time and it worked :grin:

All good, thanks.


guys good evening wish you all good luck in the contest, am just wondering do we have to call our final entry ( Final ) by name of just selecting final entry is sufficient ? and how to make sure we did final entry after submitting ? if there is any way to make sure i would appreciate it guys !

have a nice evening and good luck all


Hi @Muhammed, after submitting as Final Entry you should see your project at Tomorrow Challenge 2020 cards.

Best of luck.


thanks a lot man
, i have seen it on my cards but i was wondering how to secure double check if it was a final submission or not ! and do we have to tag it ( in another words is there a clear note we get as a final submission am afraid i have mistaken to select final entry that is all )


now it appears when i did on the second time on the blog ronen talk ! thanks god i did 10 minutes before


When you upload - you mark the entry as Concept / Work Process / Final

This is part of the entry process…


I’ll be checking all that was uploaded thus far and monitoring progress today.

Not to worry anyone! Your entries will get in :wink:


Anyone having issues with the final upload?

Do let me know!



All entries are being sorted out and entering the Jury panel.

You might get a message from me about your entry… or not :wink:

Either way, have a great weekend and big thanks for taking part!



Hi all!

We are in the final stretch for selecting a winner!

Sorry for taking longer than planned on this one… stay tuned soon :wink:




Winner to be announced tomorrow :wink: Thank you all for the patience - it is not taken for granted!


Good news!

Good luck to all of you guys, you’re all very cool!
Thank you for the organization @ronen & @tomorrowab it was very interesting and fascinatingly