Housing Scheme by MOH-Visualization by Pixarch by Pixarch Architectural Visualization

Originally published at: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/showcase/housing-scheme-by-moh-visualization-by-pixarch/

Pixarch has turned the heavenly appeal of Housing Scheme of MOH into reality through its architectural visualization. The palm lined routes depict the serenity of the surroundings, which are presented to create the perfect environment for a flourishing lifestyle.

The unique angles successfully portray the vast views for an amazing projection. The vibrant themes of the luxury bedrooms are very well contrasted with the living spaces. The frosty frame blends with the clear ones to give a classy touch of the parking area. The 3D views enter into details which capture the elegant essence of these magnificent MOH units.


Studio: Pixarch Architectural Visualization / Artist: Pixarch
Work: Commissioned Project
Designer: Pixarch Architectural Visualization
Client: N/A .
Location: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia