The third Ronda

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The three images are showing how the architecture took place in this initial wild and burned environment. The sequence is backward. The third shot is showing the majesty of the Ronda bridge, alone, surrounded by poor landscaping, rocks and dry vegetation.

The final two shots are describing how the new architecture is integrated with one of the oldest tradition of agriculture in Spain, the production of golden juice of the olive fruit. The olive oil factory kept the old use of the bridge but it changed the environment, creating fields for the growing of olive trees. It converted also the purpose of the land not just the function of the bridge. It is a matter of respect for the connection between OLD and NEW.

Images with better quality:


I have uploaded all the tree images but I can see just one here in the forum.
Also, I cannot see in full resolution at 2500 px. :thinking:

nice images :+1:
by clicking on the link to the original publication you can see all three images

Great set mate… I hope we can see the Hi-res in main page… Goodluck


The final renders came out pretty well. Love the first shot from eye height it give the project an awe inspiring feel :clap:t3: :clap:t3: