#4 The Day After Tomorrow by Roman Huzar


Originally published at: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/?p=128488

Hey everybody,

I want to share my first color drafts with you.

In the first picture, I decided to add a walking area (like a park) on top of the hyperloop.

In the second picture I changed the composition a little bit. In this picture I want to get a beautiful effect of light and rays passing through the vessel.

In the third picture I lacked movement and the foreground was empty, I decided to add a few people.

As I wrote earlier to collect the scene, I used @ForestPack and @RailClone. I used @3dsmax and @CoronaRenderer for rendering.

I’d welcome any criticism or advice from you 🙂

Thank you.


I LOVE the second picture @idesigne4 :+1:

I wonder what it could look like for the third pic if you give a test to apply the lighting scenario in the second pic with the sun is directly behind and above the HIVE. If so the particles will help to cover the HIVE a bit which help to highlight your beautiful park in the foreground better! :thinking:

Again, Great work!
Hope there will be another update from you before submission! :metal:

Duy Phan


Hi Roman, nothing to add. You did a great work.
I can’t decide what’s the best image (maybe the 3rd but also the 2nd one is beautiful) so well done mate!


Man, you’re far along! I was really glad they extended the deadline, but it looks like you’re in good shape! I think keeping that west side of the neighborhood open is a really cool idea that didn’t occur to me. Mine has a bunch of new construction there, so I’d bet that your idea is going to be pretty unique, especially with all the transport stuff you have going on.


Wow this is the best set of images I have seen so far. Really nice positie vibe of futuristic NY. Great idea with this train tubes :).


Nice images, i suggest to reduce the camera angle int he third image, the vessel looks very distorted.


Thank you, duy phan,

It’s interesting for me to try another light too, I hope I have enough time to play with it and drop another WIP).:wink:


Thank you, my friend :hugs:


Thank you!

Yeah, I was counting on the 15th and I didn’t know until the last moment that you wrote me… :joy:


Thanks a lot mate;)
hopefully the final pictures will convey the overall atmosphere of the project:hugs: