A Lumion Daily - In the Desert

Lumion 8.5 came out and Megascans had these great Sandstone assets I had to give this a go!

Not sure where I’ll take this, but here we go :wink:

These are the image right out of Lumion.

Still working out how to get these to look like I want 100% with just Lumion.

Most of what you see here is from Megascans. The bigger plants and animals aren’t. Comes into Lumion pretty smooth for the most part.

Mate, good test! Quick questions the rocks that you had in the renders, are they in 4k? What sort of LOD do you use?

I went with 2k and LOD0 which is the highest poly version and is very smooth (so far). The relief (bump) inside Lumion modulated by the normal maps is pretty good and I also add weathering to most of what you see via the Lumion material settings… this helps in “grounding” things too to some degree

Man, I am figuring out the best all rounder way using those assets in Corona Renderer, especially closeups.

Very nice! I finally got a few megascans working well in lumion and the results are awesome.

…trying to convince the office we need a Megascans subscription haha

Amazing work! Love the detail you can achieve with Lumion.
Also, could you explain the process of importing megascans assets into lumion? I seem to be having problems with them.

I’m importing the FBX files and reassign the diffuse and normal map. If I find a better way I will update here.