A Lumion Daily - Industrial Mining


Getting into the habit of doing a daily Lumion something… This time I took a model from the 3d Warehouse for a spin. The Industrial Mining house by Mike Brestel.

I wonder what you think of these?

So far it was place it and get some nice frames out of it :wink:

I think I’ll get into ground cover near the house next time.


Are you using trees from Lumion or other sources?

Only Lumion in this one. Why?

I’m exploring ways to add trees from other sources, but these will all be static to my understanding.

May I have a picture of the lumion settings of that scene? It looks amazing btw!

Can’t get it into one picture, but there us no need either… Just start with the Realistic Preset and tweak it to your liking :wink:

The process is the fun part.

My SU Model - very cool! Thanks for adding in the credit to model author. Probably my favorite scene setting yet (i.e. trees and grass)

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