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Fast Realistic 3D people in ArchViz with ActorCore & Unreal Engine

3d people are becoming a bigger point of focus as real-time tools take center stage, aided by real-time ray tracing. Beyond the visual fidelity of the 3d characters, you must now also consider the motion fidelity as part of telling a compelling architectural on interior design story. This is where ActorCore comes into play, as you see Pasquale Scionti’s work with Unreal Engine.

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Image by Pasquale Scionti


Showcasing a residential house at night while hosting a party is hard. A party means there are people, and they need to sell the scenario. No matter the quality of the 3d people model and texture, the selling, in this case, is done with motion.

The offering of quality 3d people is limited even before you bring motion into the mix. This is where ActorCore offers high-quality 3D asset libraries for mocap motions and animated 3D humans for crowd rendering.

Below you’ll see Pasquale Scionti’s work with it in Unreal Engine and how he manages to sync the visualization’s 3d people and subject matter.

So let’s start diving into the process itself!

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Behind the Scenes

Let’s see how Pasquale uses the new Lumen method to add ActorCore characters from Reallusion into an Architectural Residential Scene in Unreal Engine 5.

ActorCore comes with an Auto Setup plug-in for Unreal Engine that saves time from the complicated and routine procedures of importing and mapping animations to Unreal skeletons.

You’ll also gain lots of insight regarding how to get ActorCore assets into Unreal Engine by following the guide on that same page.

Pasquale started as an enthusiastic photographer and has always been interested in the latest technology. He’s a self-taught 3D artist and worked in several countries and with several international clients.

Below is his process in his own words…

Pasquale’s Process

My name is Pasquale Scionti, and I am a Principal Lighting / Lookdev Artist based in Toronto, Canada, with more than 15 years of professional experience in the Architectural Visualization Industry.

I started my professional career around 13 years ago at a design furniture company in Milan, Italy. My first job in the 3D industry was creating showrooms for living rooms and beds. I was a CGI Manager for a furniture company in Tampa, Florida, creating photorealistic renders and animation.

Today I work in the Gaming Industry.

Later, in 2019, I collaborated with Epic Games on their Archviz Sample Raytrace, which is a small apartment scene that’s set up for Unreal Engine users to learn photoreal techniques and reuse elements in their work.

I was responsible for leading the design work and composition of the scene, as well as the modeling, lighting, and texturing part.

After this journey with Epic Games, I started to create fewer ArchViz scenes and focus more on gaming and environments. It makes me tell a story in a cinematic way, creating my compositions and drawing on my photoreal and lighting experience.

Make your Archviz come to life with Reallusion ActorCore scanned people.

The difference from other scanned people is that this one is fully rigged for facial and body motion. For this scene, I wanted to create a sunset scenario with a house party going on. The house model is from Evermotion and was modified a bit before I imported it into Unreal Engine using Datasmith.

All interior furniture and props are modeled with 3ds Max and Quixel materials. Trees were created using Speedtree. The water reflections give the scene more realism using Lumen for GI, and Reflections helps achieve that also with Unreal Engine 5.

Populating your scenes using Actorcore is very simple, and you have animated crowds in minutes.

At this link, I will show you how
” Populating your scenes using ActorCore is very simple, and in minutes, you have animated crowds. ”

Pasquale Scionti
3d Artist

What to do next?

Learn how to import production-ready animation assets from ActorCore to all major 3D animation software. Experience the accelerated animation pipeline and get inspiration for ArchViz, game development, film production, and more.

ActorCore provides free 3D people and motions for users to experience. Sign up and download the free content.

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