Australian Forest by Sergey Ferley

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It’s an Australian Forest and trust me when I tell you that inside a transparent glass cabin, here at night, and you know all those stories, and all those dangerous creatures around, and trees above you sound like an ocean – you won’t forget this night!

It was an exciting task to stick to the initial sketch as much as possible regarding color balance and general atmosphere.

What you think, did I succeed?

By the way, a shape of the cabin inspired by the SeaStar project of Architectural Prescription.


Scary as it might be, your images do “invite” one to want to be there! Your cabin is there, but not there. I think you managed to stay true to your initial concept and I still love your first illustration very much.

I’d love to know what others think about this one?

@youkishi lead the way :wink:

I personally would like the idea of your initial concept as it is much more mysterious and It creates the curiosity that leads viewer be scared but in the same time wanting to see more of it . Ronen’s version of cabin is there but not there . Otherwise good job in your entry !!

The one with the sleeping back and the deers is my favorite here. It really evokes the startling feeling of being besieged by nature.

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I have spent 2 years in Perth, Western Australia, and I can say this project really takes me back there! Australia has one of the most jaw-dropping Nature I have ever seen - I think your work translates that really well!
I think it would be quite interesting to see a camera angle where you would see more reflected in the glass walls. Maybe taking reflection as a concept on it own and exploring what the result would be!

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I like this idea and would add that seeing the cabin from above would be super interesting too!

Absolutely! This cabin has quite an interesting shape - it would be interesting to explore geometry. An angle from above would definitely emphasize that strong feature!


Congrats to all the finalists. I’ve been through the entries and I have to admit that this is one of my favorites. The cabin itself is almost secondary to the environment…which in my opinion you have nailed. Awesome VR with a clever addition of sound…plus great attention to detail… love the sleeping koala and creepy snake!

Awesome job, well done!

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