B&TB + Digsau: Here comes the summer!!! (at last) by Beauty and The Bit


Originally published at: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/showcase/btb-digsau-here-comes-the-summer-at-last/

Time to pack up flip-flops and Hawaiian t-shirts…

We´ll spend some good times in our catamarans smoking big cigars and drinking mimosas on the upper deck.

September we´ll come back with really cool new projects and new adventures in Hi-Fi.

Till then, our unconditional love.

One more for the road: a cool project we did with our nice friends of Digsau in Philly.



Studio: Beauty and The Bit / Artist: Beauty and The Bit
Work: Commissioned
Designer: DIGSAU
Client: DIGSAU
Software: 3dsmax,V-Ray