Beirut by Jean Paul El Hachem


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Beirut, a narrative artwork:

“Between the sullen days of clouds and dust, and the stormy nights of rain and darkness, stretching across the east, all the way to the west, a soaring monument stands tall.

The tower of bitterness rests unfinished; its construction interrupted by the war. Yet, it still stands as a reminder of the horrors and cruelty the nation has overcome.

In spite of it all, the day has finally come to bring the tower back from the dead.

On that day, the sunset didn’t look like anything else. Out of nowhere, fireflies filled the streets, emerging from the city trees, and stormed into the monument. Hijacking the interior spaces, the tower somehow became a beacon of light, a lantern in the middle of the darkness.

The tower was my obsession, so I hastened to the scene to inspect this marvel”


Studio: JPAG / Artist: Jean Paul El Hachem
Work: Personal
Designer: N/A .
Client: N/A .
Software: 3dsmax,Photoshop,V-Ray