Blue Vertigo by Marc Achkar Louis

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Blue Vertigo is becoming real (or unreal). It’s an eco “roots” resort, so don’t expect 5 stars facilities here, and of course, no children are allowed.

The starting point was a 20ft shipping container (3d warehouse) because it is easily customizable and transportable (boat, truck, helicopter).

The cabin is designed to be entirely energy independent. The electricity is generated by solar cells and a wind turbine. The water is pumped directly from the mediterranean sea above, treated with a desalter (as a boat) and stocked in the water tank on the rooftop. Chemical Wastewater treatment is used so that the water cycle has a minimal impact on the environment.

I added an exterior dismountable wood platform to enjoy the landscape and the exterior living.

Sorry, I know it’s not an architecture challenge, but it’s a part of the concept and the mood.

Thanks Ronen for being in the finalist, with others incredible talents !!!
It was such a good experience & discovery…

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