"Breathe, breathe in the air." by Domenico Tariello


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” Breathe, breathe in the air ”

Hello everyone, I’m Domenico from Italy.

For this challange, after several ideas, I chose to carry on this.

Probably also conditioned by the current condition we are experiencing, and some of my passions, like as playing guitar and listening to music.

“Breathe (sometimes called “Breathe (In The Air) is a song by progressive rock band Pink Floyd on their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon.
The text, which present a vague reference to rest after fatigue and, by allegory, to the relief of a woman after, at the end of the pain of labor and childbirth, gave birth to a son, to the frenetic pace imposed by work and stop and take a breathe in the air.
In the second part of the piece the metaphor of the rabbit is proposed which, at the end of the frenetic digging of a hole, immediately begins another one: this would do nothing but « bring it to the grave prematurely» funal words of th piece).”

I like, at least imagine it, a city “apparently”, not too futuristic.

After the work done, in a frenetic way, with ever simpler and faster virtual connection, the desire , after finishing,it is the need for a breath of relief. Above all, to live life in a carefree way, with real connections, at least in our free time.

I think, and I hope, that after the problems of “recent years” people will be more sensitive, and will take on a greater sense of responsibility towards our planet, as its guests.

The basic idea is this, but being also a creative work, maybe I’ll add more.

Thanks to those who have had the patience to read.

See you in the next update.

Good luck and enjoy it!!
Domenico Tariello


Ciao Domenico! Here’s another pink floyd fan.
I’m curious about your concept and I’d like to see more issues.
What about talking about quarantine and the impossibility to breath fresh air…quite actual isn’t it? Maybe with your image you could tell the need of air instead having breath. However I’m interested in your concept and I’m waiting for more.
Keep going.