CABINS Challenge Winners Announced

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After an exciting run for three months and a half and now that the jury panel has concluded its deliberations, I’m happy to announce the winners of “CABINS” – The 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge I am running on my blog.

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Big thanks to all challengers, sponsors and viewers of the CABINS Challenge. This was an amazing ride and I hope we all learned a thing or two from this one.

Congratulations to the 3 winners!

They absolutely deserve it. The works are really really good and high quality. Artistic, technical, and overall poetic!

Well, bravo les artistes!

I really love the Northern Wisps project… The lights, the ambiance, the photography and composition are so good. And I’m surprised by the white cloth realism.

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Incredible work, congratulation to all of you!

Incredible work.
I was expecting Northern Wisps to win.

It’s my vacation time so a pretty late reply from me but I’d like to thank once again and congratulate to all the winners!

Enjoy your vacation @bartosz.domiczek :wink:

And big thanks for the amazing Making of Northern Wisps as well!