CABINS Challenge Winners Announced


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After an exciting run for three months and a half and now that the jury panel has concluded its deliberations, I’m happy to announce the winners of “CABINS” – The 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge I am running on my blog.

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Big thanks to all challengers, sponsors and viewers of the CABINS Challenge. This was an amazing ride and I hope we all learned a thing or two from this one.


Congratulations to the 3 winners!

They absolutely deserve it. The works are really really good and high quality. Artistic, technical, and overall poetic!

Well, bravo les artistes!

I really love the Northern Wisps project… The lights, the ambiance, the photography and composition are so good. And I’m surprised by the white cloth realism.


Incredible work, congratulation to all of you!


Incredible work.
I was expecting Northern Wisps to win.


It’s my vacation time so a pretty late reply from me but I’d like to thank once again and congratulate to all the winners!


Enjoy your vacation @bartosz.domiczek :wink:

And big thanks for the amazing Making of Northern Wisps as well!