CGI: School De Boomgaard by Mikhail Sizov

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Primary school “De Boomgaard”

(age 4-12 year) was based on two location because of the lack of space.

The extension will give the Boomgaard enough space for the future.

We wanted tp make a wooden school.

Construction, interior, facade all-in wood.

The floorplans are very efficient in creating a central space for all the kids

in the same age group (there will be 7) classrooms with 30 kids each in the age 4-6,

and then there are 3 classrooms for every next year.

The wooden extension is fort he first three classes: age 4-7 year.


Studio: N/A / Artist: Mikhail Sizov
Work: Commissioned
Designer: Berry Beuving, Hein de Werd, Geert van Hoof (Sineth)
Client: N/A .
Software: 3dsmax,Forest Pack,FStormRender,Photoshop,RailClone