CHOOSE YOUR COMFORT by Region Render Studio

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Some consider a closet as a place where you can throw your clothes and do not pay much attention to it. We on the other hand see the closet as a very important part of an apartment, that forms a certain lifestyle.

Which design elements make our walk-in closet so impressive?

📌Grey walls to keep it classy and elegant.
📌Glass doors because the display is just as important as the storage.
📌A seat that doesn’t just make a space more welcoming but also is very helpful to put on shoes and whatnot.
📌A full-length mirror to see how your outfit comes together.
📌Different types of lighting because you don’t want to only create an atmosphere, but also you need to have a clear view of what you’re about to wear.

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Studio: Region Render Studio / Artist: Lusine Sargsyan
Work: Commissioned Project
Designer: N/A .
Client: N/A .
Location: Russia Russia