COFFEE MOOD by Region Render Studio

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In this post we would like to discuss the main stages of architectural visualization :point_down:

Phase 1️⃣
The phase of #modelling.

We pay attention to this step a lot because the right model is the basis of this process, the fundamental part of the project. In case anything is wrong with the model, every other step will contain very noticeable flaws.
So to create a faultless performance, we always put lots of effort starting from the beginning.

Phase 2️⃣
The phase of #lighting

In this step one could see how the lighting is being costumized.
Getting the right proportions of the shadow and light help us understand the form and the material of an object in the #interior.

Phase 3️⃣
The final image

Following previous steps correctly, we get the perfect final image with all the little #details included. At this step, the final image is being provided, and it usually is received with joy and gratitude 🤍

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Studio: Region Render Studio / Artist: Tigran Grigoryan
Work: Commissioned Project
Designer: N/A .
Client: N/A .
Location: Norway Norway