Coma Furniture by Omegarender

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Today we want to show you another example of how product visualization can fit into interior 3D rendering.

This project is a collaboration between the Italian furniture manufacturer CMP Design and the Canadian furniture manufacturer and distributor Arconas.

Omegarender’s main task was to make 3D images for the website. We visualized furniture in various locations: villas and apartments in a skyscraper. Integrating furniture and product visualization into interior rendering is always a challenging and exciting task. After all, it is necessary to reflect the potential and beauty of furniture design in the atmosphere of the interior. It will make them indispensable to each other.


Studio: Omegarender / Artist: Omegarender
Work: Commissioned Project
Designer: CMP Design, Arconas
Client: CMP Design, Arconas
Location: Italy Italy

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