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My idea for this project is about the value of friendship and how it’s lived in the streets. I have imagined a dusk atmosphere when people are leaving the library and they get together with friends. I would like to show how people gather to share a moment in this place. I wanted to transmit the feeling of that moment when people go out on a Friday and they feel hopeful because it is the weekend, I thought that it could be interesting to show people getting together at the restaurant Falafel Kungen and this place becoming a reference point for friends to meet each other there. I noticed that this place fosters activities that are interesting surrounding the main building, my idea is to make this evident with characters that are in the scene in both, exterior and interior views. Each one of these three images is connected through the concept, I wanted to show the moment when people start to live this public space that complements the building. With the hero and panoramic general view, I wanted to portray the complete context, just the way it is done in the movies, where there is a general shot that begins by showing the context where the incidents will happen.