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The Copan building is considered the largest residential building in South America. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, one of the most important architects in modern Brazilian architecture.

Due to some financial bank problems, the Copan building suffered some structural changes from the original version. One of the biggest was the lack of a social area.

To produce a concept to improve the living area is a big challenge because of the importance that this building has in the country. But I want to bring a version of Copan that all the residents of this building dream to have.

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Boy, this thing looks massive :scream:. Not having been to São Paulo, I wonder how it is perceived publicly. With no pun intended, I could imagine it overshadows the rest of the skyline. Are you from the area? If so, what’s your personal thoughts about the building?

Also, curious to know what kind of deliverables you are going after. Renderings?