Crystal Restaurant by Weylin Ludick



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This personal project was created to learn more about Corona Lighting and Texturing. As much a I enjoy Photoshop, I tried not to use it to much in Post and rather use the Tone mapping feature in Corona to to get the lighting the way I wanted it. I also ventured into different lighting setups for this scene in order to try new techniques, such as Sun & Sky vs HDRI. I created some Textures in Photoshop such some of the wood and Paint. I then combined the Layered material in Corona with the Composite Map to create dirt and similar effects on the Textures. Hope you guys have some comments & suggestions.


Studio: Visoo / Artist: Weylin Ludick
Work: Personal
Designer: Weylin Ludick
Client: 4 pixos
Software: 3dsmax,Corona Renderer,Forest Pack,Photoshop,RailClone