Culture Lab - Texturing and Lighting

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Imported my Skechup model into Lumion and added textures, buildings, plants and people. Selected a few angles that reflected my idea and populated them further

Further explanation to my process.

The initial textures were applied in sketchup to differenciate materials in the Lumion environment.

In Lumion i added entourage (trees, people, plants and street items).

Then i started texturing in Lumion, creating imported pbr material where needed. The concrete, asphalt , brick and wood floors where imported textures.

Lights next. Placing them on diffrent layers depending on their use i.e spotlights, street lamps, ambient lights etc

In Lumion photo section i selected several angles but decided on 3 views to flesh out. The daytime scene was set on a Dawn Template, dusk and interior were created in a Custom Template. The dusk scene had a rain effect added to create more drama and all scenes use Real Skies Effect.