Fan Forest Houses by Julia Nadyrshina

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There are three weather conditions I’ve got and each of them should have named.

The first one is “Run, artist, run” because she definitely should do it. The storm is coming, you know.

The second render is “The cold evening. Honey, I think there is a party in da house and we weren’t invited!”. I wanted to show a kind of short story. Now I think I should have added more party details.

And the third render is “The Quiet Morning”. There is no action or a serious story, just a summer morning when the sun rises and everything slowly wakes up. Love this part of the day so much!

Also, you can watch renders here:

Thank you for watching!


Studio: N/A / Artist: Julia Nadyrshina
Work: Personal Project
Designer: Bergmeisterwolf Architekten​​​​​​​
Client: N/A .
Location: N/A N/A


Thank you for sharing @Julia.Nadyrshina

The “En plein air” image is probably the best in this set and I like it the most for the scenario and lighting (although she doesn’t seem to paint what is seen in the landscape…)

Walking up the house at dusk is very moody indeed, I would want to be invited to the party as well!!!


Thank you for your comment, Ronen!
There was a correct canvas with a real landscape but I missed it behind the lots of sketches, really so sad about it as it’s a crucial detail.
Let’s imagine that the artist has just started to draw houses but the storm appeared suddenly and unexpectedly. :sweat_smile:

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