Final Entry. Dawn at the Hudson Yards by Denis Khotin

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-So the main idea of the project is the extension of the highway park.

Beautiful views from the Vessel will no longer be available after construction. Therefore, in order to increase the value of real estate, the highway park must be extended and expanded towards the Hudson River. I think this is the most likely scenario.

On the lower tier of the highway highway, I located restaurants and coffee, lounge areas and art spaces.

ā€“ All skyscrapers should make up a single architectural composition.

Unfortunately Iā€™m not an architect, but I still imagine that they will look something like I designed.

ā€“ From an artistic point of view, I really like New York in the early morning, when fog and steam from the pipes are clearly visible. This phenomenon exists only in New York, because the city has a rather rare heating system. It is very, very beautiful! Nowhere else in the world can this be found.

I set the angles and then put materials on the buildings that fell into the frame. I did not use non-existent buildings from collections of 3D models. It was a low poly study of the real environment. The existing skyscrapers and those that I came up with I tried to work out as detailed as possible.

I hope you will like it!

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