Forgotten sanctuary

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At this stage, I focused on creating a central object – art installation, as well as lighting and materials.

My goal is to show this place as a multifunctional art object. For some people it is a tourist destination, for some it is a place of peace and meditation, for others it is a place of rest or a place of inspiration. With the help of lighting and people who will be in the frame I want to display the versatility of this place.

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Hi, Iryna! You done the Impressive shape in the interior

Very Nice!! I love those sculptureal elements

wow how cool, a more organic concept is making it a beautiful work of art… Good Job…

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The Ivy league is here, no chance for us :slight_smile:

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Always love your work!

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@AniramAvosterg don’t tell that kkk, :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:… Just keep working… :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: