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Urmia radio and television centre was built in 1965 by one of the greatest architects of its time” Jahangir Darvish”.

This building was one of the first radio and television centres of Iran by that time. The goal was to expand and progress media and television in the northwest of the country. Its site is bigger than 3000 square meters and has been built on a hill, It gives a great view of the road for the passengers and because of its bright materials (brick and concrete), it literally glows in a clear sky. When looking from afar, it more looks like a crown and it is obvious that this building is way different from other buildings in the city. I can tell the only building which follows form and a specific type of style in the local area is this place which I will try to convert to something new.

I wish we had more buildings like this in our city (alive), because when you look at them you kind of feel that something about the place you’re living is special and it is more of an icon than a building. It seems the place used to be a big hall with no columns in the middle because of its very incredible structure which covers 1200 square meters of roofed space. I couldn’t find the buildings plan unfortunately but as it seemed when I visited the place there were no space separators in between nor walls and I’m pretty sure they used this place as a television studio (some parts of it) because it is designed to get less natural light inside of it. despite that, it has so many windows and entrances, again, inside it is quite dark there and it has only three light sheds on the roof (square-shaped). Coming to the current state of the building, it has been abandoned for over 30 years and over time the buildings interior space got destroyed by weather or unworthy people who stole infrastructure of the building and damaged its walls, but the building is fully standing, and to me, it is more resistance than any building in the city because they used high-quality materials and a stiff structure.

Coming to this challenge, I’m planning to repair and change its functionality, it’s such a shame that we haven’t made this building alive. I will try to convert this building into something new, fresh and green! My main purpose in this project will be a small contribution to limiting global warming.

I’m sure this is gonna be a great challenge for me and for everyone who is participating.

And one thing more about the name of the project, I think buildings have characters and they are like trees in the woods, they don’t speak but they say a lot about things we don’t already know, because of that I decided to name this project “Forsaken” since it is very unfair to leave them to be demolished one day. But who knows, maybe we will understand the deep meaning of reusing and restoring what we have instead of replacing and making something new. As they said: We can only see what is not there, and miss what is in front of us.

I also wanna thank all sponsors and Mr Ronen Bekerman

Good luck to everyone.


Welcome to CONVERTED @erfan3p

I love that building and very much looking forward to seeing how you bring it back to life!

Good luck :wink:

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Thank you so much.
I appreciate that you are very supportive of all the people here.
I sent you a message via contact field about an issue, can you please check it out?

Sure! Checking it out…

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Thanks for letting me know :wink:


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I wanted to add other images of the old building which I took as panoramic images. Right now I’m working on my concept and buildings plans, I’ll make sure to upload screenshots asap I start modelling.

I think the best thing to do before doing an architectural project is to plan! And it’s been a few days that I’m working on this very simple plan, I didn’t take too much time to represent it better or render it better than this but just to show you guys what I’m about to do, btw plans are very necessary for me because I get so confused when I don’t know what to do.
As you can see I’m going to convert my building to a local Agricultural centre. I took advantage of 1200 square meter roofed space with no columns and created a space that can be used for vertical farming in case of studies that require a very controlled environment for researches on plants and specific vegetables.
I’m starting to model my building and my site plan, you can see more information and details in the images.
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

Great photos @erfan3p and a really interesting concept. I think that indoor farming seems to be catching on globally. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, I’ll try my best to keep up with all the great people here!

I love this concept. Great choice of building too. I’m especially attracted to the flower pattern on the plan and hope it’s featured somehow :wink:

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Hi, it’s great to hear you loved it. Yes, that flower pattern is one of the surprises in this project!

Hey there, I’ve been busy modelling my project for a while and it was quite of a challenge (in the case of designing and finding out what to do with it). But right now I feel that I’ve done the hard part of the job which was modelling the buildings and the environment a bit. I’m starting to work with substance for my main materials and light my scene to boost it up to something REAL! By the way, all of the details of the project is modelled from scratch (except for the roads around the building), modelling stairs and the building itself was kind of tricky and I used speedtree to model those 3 black trees there :slight_smile: I’ll show them to you in the final entry, I’m happy that I was challenged :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy these messy screenshots!


Great work! It looks very promising even without being textured yet…

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Thanks, you made my day with your positive energy, been a couple of hard days :grin:

This is looking super cool! Double curvature surfaces have a very interesting appeal (thinking Calatrava), I look forward to see your texture work!

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I’m glad you liked it, and yes currently I’m trying to figure out textures. Thank you


I really like the black trees and the roof shape, the dynamics in the roof architecture are very appealing.
Should be even better with textures, can’t wait to see!

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