From Lumion back to SketchUp

Hi all. First post on this forum. After reading Ronen’s part One for Lumion, I was curious about how well Lumion goes the other way around. I know this might sound like a strange ask but let’s say you do a planting design in Lumion and love it and want to make a 2D planting plant out of the various tree/shrub components. Can you do that? And if so, how?

BTW - I’m on Mac and have never used Lumion and am curious about whether to invest time learning it or not - as of right now I’m happy with my SketchUp+Skatter+Laubwerk+VRAY and am considering adding Unreal Engine to workflow for VR/Real time rendering instead of Lumion.

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Hi @erics and welcome to talk :wink:

I’m afraid there is no going back to SketchUp from Lumion. It is a one way street in that regard. But since SketchUp is for the main subject modeling, with LiveSync on - you are always in both apps at all times! I don’t think you’ll need going back.

As for planting in 2d, the best thing to try would be to output a near 2d overview image (use a big zoom lens value to flatten it out as much as you can) and overlay that in SketchUp.

As for being MAC…

I use both. I have a small MAC for on the go blog stuff and writing mainly. Daily managing stuff. Not for 3d work, other than minor SketchUp session with clients in meetings if I really need it. It’s not fun on the MAC for 3d for me.

Show me some of your visuals made with the combo you mention SketchUp+Skatter+Laubwerk+V-Ray :wink: