GOLIATH - Twinmotion Movie and VR by Pierre-André BIRON


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3d Animation movie and VR visit of the Farman 60 Goliath for the centenary celebrations of commercial civil aviation at Toussus-Le-Noble, France. Video 100% Made with Epic Games Twinmotion. Montage in Adobe Premiere, litlle Post in photoshop for still renderings.

Built in 1918, the converted bomber Farman 60 Goliath, piloted by Lucien Bossoutrot, made the first international commercial civil flight by connecting Paris to London (Toussus-Le-Noble / Kenley) on February 8, 1919 with 12 passengers on board.

The Farman 60 3d model was presented in late september 2019 at the centenary airshow of the Air and Space Museum in Paris Le Bourget via a VR headset in order to offer users a unique immersive experience.

This project is carried out for the Aériastory Association of Toussus-Le-Noble organizing the centenary celebrations of this historic flight.

Gérard Finan – Aeriastory

Christian Ravel, Joël Balat and Alban Dury – Espace Air Passion Museum

Guy Roumens

Farman Galilee Company
All Virtual Company
Daniel Bechennec – Painter
Philippe Jacut – Aeronautical Expert

Music: Titan
Author: Scott Buckley
Source: https://www.scottbuckley.com.au
License: https: //creativecommons.org/licenses/ …

Made with Twinmotion – Epic games

September 2019 © Dawnlight – http://dawnlight.fr – Pierre-André Biron


Studio: DAWNLIGHT / Artist: Pierre-André BIRON
Work: Personal
Designer: N/A .
Client: Aeriastory
Software: 3dsmax,Photoshop