Hanging parks by Saman Gardy

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Hanging Parks

Hello all,

My name is Saman. Before I explain my submission, I would like to thank the organizers of this challenge specially dear Ronen Bekerman. It’s a nice opportunity to learn new ideas from participants and explore technical and artistical skills from presentations throughout the challenge.
Architecture has been with us throughout the history by providing small houses to skyscrapers. When we look back, we don’t see dramatical changes in architecture. It is developing in a peaceful way depending on human needs and construction technologies. Over the past three decades, we experienced dramatical changes in construction industries; however we haven’t seen any dramatical change in architecture .
When I was thinking about the future of architecture, I decided to go back to the basic human need, which is nature. I wanted to create something immortal and nature is immortal to me.
Central park is a good example of nature in Manhattan, so what if we create a park in “West Hudson Yards”, not as a flat narrative landscape, but a park which has a shape. I started to think of the design in a form that not only people can enjoy but also it is respecting the neighborhood scale as well. a form which can transfer the feelings over the time. Hanging parks will be a green public monument for Manhattan in a LEED gold certificated neighborhood. It will be a vertical park meant to be entered and explored. it will be architecture of tomorrow, because our demands for closed working spaces will undergo some changes in next decades.

Sorry for the long text, and good luck for everyone

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