High-rise revitalization by Alejandro Bermudez Pascual


Originally published at: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/?p=127377

First idea was based on…

“What if we go to a time when pollution, in big cities, would make difficult for humans to enjoy parks in the outside?
What would happen if we (they, the researchers and scientis) invent a breathable membrane we can use as air filter?
Could we transform a skyscraper with it? Using a couple of floors, maybe three, to create a landscape at a high level, protected by a high-tech membrane with air filters and a water collector on top with another garden and new pipes distribut… Would all of this be a refurbishment?”

Then I went to Thesaurus, I am improving my english… and I found the synonym revitalization.

BOOM!! Suddenly the idea turned out from a dark perspective to a bright one!

I am now thinking in hudson yards, new buildings made of cross laminated timber structure. Wood give us a sense of nature. Maybe hudson yards would have the tallest building with a timber structure ever made! But anyway, I still want to keep my focus to revitalize an existing building, so this will be a background and the bubbles thought at the begining will mutate into something else.

To build the future is as much important as to revitalize the past.

In the meantime I was thinking, which of the current buildings would be the winner?

55 Hudson yards is the chosen one for this exercise.

I let a few early sketches and views I am considering.

Let’s enjoy!


Perfect dystopian approach to get your creative juices going! Love the idea and can’t wait to see what you make of it!


Hi Alejandro,
interesting idea and not so far from my concept! definitely climate change will be a relevant issue in the next future.
It’s a bit different but you bring to mind this project of MVRDV

hope this will be helpful for your work.
keep going!