Holzern Bedroom by Abraham Fajilan

Originally published at: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/showcase/holzern-bedroom/

Finished render using V-ray Next for Sketchup

Architectural Interior to V-ray rendering

*Project title : HOLZERN BEDROOM
*Modeled, Visualized and Rendered by : Yours truly
*Software used : SketchUpPro2018 x V-ray Next 4.10 x PScs6
*Used 2 HDRIs :
-Aristea Wreck by Greg Zaal; 2k resolution
-Urban Courtyard by Sergej Majboroda
*Render resolution : 1500 x 1551


Studio: AF Studio / Artist: Abraham Fajilan
Work: Personal Project
Designer: N/A .
Client: N/A .
Location: Philippines Philippines