Hudson Yard O2 Park by fairuz h

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Hudson Yard O2 (oxygen) Park

Architectural Folly.

An ornamental structure—oftentimes strange, fantastical, or whimsical—built for just one purpose: pleasure*

New York has always been about craft, brick and mortar building, it has been an integral identity hence keeping and reducing the architectural gentrification of making the whole area sterile is reduced through this approach of creating architectural follies/ building as a symbiont to older ones that remains in the area.

This reinterpretation of follies as “pleasure” purposed apparatus can be seen as an immediate urban solution in lieu with current or future micro or macro climate issue.

The proposal seeks to increase the urban air quality and creates visual cues through creation of functional/habitable architectural folly/follies.

Follies created consist structures and facades that is sensitive to the environment, self-generating energy through kinetic sensors at its facade via passive energy, air/O2 regeneration plant and such.

It also tackles gentrification and economic issue via sustainable development where folly structures built on top of original building or acts as a symbiont to them reduced the needs for demolishing this brick and mortar New York building.

This architectural intervention is a new kind of public space, a new kind of neighborhood that acts as a social condenser to the precinct.

Sculptural form and play of material were integral in breaking the sterility of the area.

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