Is it a 'Monster'?

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Yik Cheong Building has been selected as the focal point due to an early fascination with the Kowloon Walled City and how that has become ingrained in Hong Kong’s history. A remarkable high-rise community that was beyond over-population reaching a density of 1,920,000 people per square kilometre. The community was recognised for its dense, poor living conditions and serious crime. Faced with the inevitable demolition in 1993 all that remains in its place is a luscious green park, remnants of the south gate and a scale model of what was once there.

A later example, Yik Cheong Building and its neighbours have become one of the most famous buildings in Quarry Bay. Density is still a prevalent issue even though it barely draws any parallels with the Kowloon Walled City, its similarities in form and facade treatment are still evident. Some of which has been further translated into smaller residential buildings forming streets lined with markets stalls and ‘floating’ signage; like Ladies Market, Mong Kok.

The concept will focus on the distinctive facade seen in the Yik Cheong Building complex and the void in between.


Welcome to CONVERTED @AYBC85

What is your vision for “The Monster Building” after your conversion?

Good luck!

Wow, is a monster, I can come up with a lot of cyberpunk ideas :slight_smile:

Hi Ronen,

Post conversion the uses will remain largely the same with a focus on the residents wellbeing. Through the pandemic it’s been difficult for everyone, let alone these residents cramped in such small and dense flats. I think they deserve something better that may help with their personal wellbeing. This is where the void in between comes into play in the proposal.

Hey @erickoalejandro20s, cyberpunk is a great theme. The was to reinstate a bit of cultural heritage, but cyberpunk colour palettes and mood could well play a part that blends in with the neon light culture of HK. I’m not sure one can shy away from this ‘monster’ …


To texture this monster is going to be fun, imo. Can’t wait to see your progress!