Jakub Cech's "Growth of 3D Artist" MERGE 2018 Full Talk

Hey guys, I would love to share my recent talk.

MERGE 2018 Full Talk - The presentation is aimed at beginners.

I do talk about ArchViz and overall process giving deep but general knowledge about all necessary areas. I do talk about my recent development in custom color mapping too - custom mapping in Lightroom with working dynamic range, (exposure) white balance and tint. The presentation has been given in Prague during MERGE conference run by Jakub Komrska.

Presentation is very extensive going trough areas:

  • 3D Software and its plugins
  • Textures and its creation based on photography, polarization filters and mirrored balls. Textures resources.
  • Models and its creation with sculpting applications, simulation applications, photogrammetry and sources.
  • Rendering Engines and its plugins
  • Color mapping and Lightroom Color mapping
  • Post Production
  • Courses
  • Hardware
  • Own Taste
  • Photorealism

English subtitles in settings.


Hi @Jakub_Cech, welcome to Talk and thank you for this share :wink:

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Thank you, happy to contribute.

Hey @Jakub_Cech, welcome to talk and i must say you did a very good job in presenting compared to your first time. Kudos!

Hello @youkishi, I am very glad you liked it! Thank you. What do you mean compared to the first time? :slight_smile:

Yeah love it, you were smooth. If I am not mistaken you gave your first talk on a previous d2 conference?

It is was in SOA Academy Day #8 I think, right @Jakub_Cech?

My first presentation was on SOA last year. Here it is haha!


Ha ha… good job @Jakub_Cech, good improvement. You working on any other personal project at the moment?