Making of 330 North Green

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It is an absolute pleasure to share with you guys our latest commission for SOM, The 330N Green, a fantastic 20-story office tower planned for Chicago’s booming Fulton Market District in the West Loop.

Pictury is a multidisciplinary ArchViz studio. We are a team of handpicked CG artists, designers, architects and creative minds who band together to craft realistic scenarios inside high-end visuals, just what a picture would do.

To be peak performers, we focus on one project at a time during a fortnight! Yeah, we are into tight deadlines :slightly_smiling_face:

To meet these deadlines we follow a simple yet efficient working process :

Week #1 – Pre-Production: Order, Modeling, Basic Materials, Cameras.
Week #2 – Production & PostProduction.

Let’s start! (click the link for the original article above the image to go to the full making-of)

And discuss here :wink:

See all final images here - 330 North Green by Pictury

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It looks excellent, I think a night version with all the lights and interior environment in action would be amazing. congratulations!

Beautiful, The 3D people, what collection are they from?
Great to see a breakdown.

Need to get a collection for mid distance shots.

Well done