Making of Australian Forest

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Hi all. I’m really grateful to be on the list of winners. A lot of competitors did such a fantastic job, very detailed and with great concepts. Congrats to all winners and participants!

I would like to give you a short vision of how I prepared the Australian forest entry.

The Concept

Few weeks after the announcement of the challenge, I came up with the idea of a glass cabin in a forest. Of course, it’s not new, but I had a specific idea about an Australian forest.

I remembered our first trips around Sydney, nights were full of sounds, a forest full of creatures. So I imagined the short story and drew a sketch in photoshop. It took an hour to get the atmosphere that I liked.

Read the full making-of here…

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Hi, amazing work, did you feel that for trees etc, the speedtree is worth the money? And which pack did you get, the cinema one?

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Hi! I’ve got a similar question about SpeedTree experience. I had a possibility to work with it a few years ago and have checked recently the trial of the current version. I must say that its current features (I especially like trunk detailing and 3d scan integrating) and recent library additions are impressing. However, it’s hard for me to justify it economically with my scope of tree production (it’s pretty little). Do you work a lot with customized tree assets in your commercial projects?

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Hi Bartosz, I have used it once, only for this project. It’s a great tool, I love it. But I’m not sure if I use it anymore, in my regular job I don’t have time to build a custom tree :smiley:

Mate, good job on this. I think some companies in oz already started implementing grow fx fulltime