Making of Inside Out

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I have been doing arch viz for many years now, and over that time I have found that I enjoy the nature part of any project the most. I like the challenge to mimic nature and create a believable environment in which architecture occupies. So, this was an exciting prospect to me, not only to create an environment for a cabin but to visualize it in VR and get access to trial the Megascan assets.

I am going to break my entry into three parts :

  • Nature
    – Cliffs
    – Trees/planting
    – Beach
  • Nature underwater
    – Water
    – Sealife
    – Coral
    – Shipwreck
  • Cabin
    – Design
    – Modeling
    – Texturing

And also very shortly about :

  • Lighting/Rendering
  • Post Production

Get started here -
And come back to talk about it :wink:


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Kudos @jamie and welcome to talk!! I personally do think that growfx is an industry standard in order for a studio to push their standards apart from other studios. I like how you modelled your cliff , any difficulties you came across when texturing it so it won’t look repetitive?

Cheers!! For the Cliff I just used all the rock alpha brushes at varying sizes and overlapping each time I brushed. Also I focused heavily on the parts I thought may not be covered in trees which were the 90 degree plus surfaces. I think if you look closely without a texture on you may see a little repetition but once the texture is applied the repetition pretty much disappears then you have the problem of the texture map repeating.

It really came down to making sure wherever the cameras were placed, trees had to be appropriately placed to hide the bad repetition. Its a juggling act!!

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Hi Jamie,

Can you send the max file too…

Just joking! :wink:

Congrats on 2nd place. Any clues on how you did the lighting on this project?

Cool Thanks! Here is a how the light was set up for the daylight shots with the corona post and lightmix. Nothing too crazy - just some colour tweaks and I have the sun at a lower value. I have a HDRI for the environment light but I have override the GI (with the same HDRI) to make it a bit brighter using the output settings.

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It sure is a juggling act! Anyway thanks for sharing. Looking forward for your next project !