Making of Rumyantsevo Park

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A virtual tour on a grand scale by Biganto Visual, “Rumyantsevo Park” is a residential complex located to the west of Moscow, Russia. Follow this breakdown of how seventeen hundred apartments, large courtyard and landscape park around it got visualized and showcased as a VR Tour!


Before we start, let me express our gratitude to Ronen for his blog and for giving an opportunity to become a part of it. It is an excellent source of inspiration for us, and it feels great to share some of our experience here.

Our experience – is an experience of creating virtual tours and accompanying services for clients, who want something more interactive than still images.

“Biganto Visual” started several years ago with an idea and a couple of scripts and today we work both as an ArchViz studio and VR products supplier for architects, designers, and CG artists. Here we want to share some insights from our latest project – “Rumyantsevo Park.”

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That’s a massive one. Kind of my nightmare project in which I underestimate the cost of the single panorama and have that reminded hundreds of times. :wink:
Thank you for showing us a lot of clever ideas. What are your main reasons for differentiating your workflow between corona (exteriors) and v-ray (interiors)?

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Historically we have different people working with interiors and exteriors. It is up to them to decide whether it’s more convenient to use VRay or Corona. In fact, we can use any render and modelling software for asset production, there is no difference for our engine, it’s just the matter of personal taste.