Making of WeWork - Tokyo Ark Hills

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Here from WeWork Headquarters in New York City, we are pleased to share the process behind our recent project Tokyo – Ark Hills. We would like to start out by thanking Ronen Bekerman for his support and continued perseverance to progress the industry to a higher level. We have all been longtime supporters of this blog and are glad to have the opportunity to contribute ourselves.


The WeWork Visual Studio team spent two weeks developing this project which includes still images, 360 VR tour, and animation. Some essential details went into the making of this collection, and we’ve broken down some of our favorite elements for everyone. Utilizing common settings within Corona Renderer, we took an interesting approach to our detailing process and adopted it into our workflow for this fun project.


Since first hearing that WeWork would be expanding its footprint into Japan we were excited to see the new design aesthetic and use it to create something unique the team could use to help build WeWork’s brand. We began to study Japanese office references to get a sense of what we wanted the space to feel like.

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