Masons (interior in UE4)

Hey, Guys. I just wanted to share a quick project I worked on using UE4.

The top image is the final photography and the bottom is UE4. I usually work on V-Ray or Corona Renderer but in this case, the client was asking for a video and we know how lengthy rendering animation can be.

Thanks for sharing this @alx.leiva

Not bad at all seeing the end result!

Tell us a bit more about this process… take us in :wink:

  • How long
  • What challenges did you encounter
  • Why no clothing in UE4? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m an architect who sometimes works on visualisation and the timeframes I get are pretty crazy, for this project for instance I received a rhino model at 10 am and the client was expected to arrive at the office a 1 pm. I had to prepare a set of renders plus an animation! Kind of a joke uh?
I think the problem is people hearing about render engines and they think it’s all fast and fun, well it is fast to render but not to produce (texturing, modeling, etc) And for this I blame Lumion, I can see how people’s expectations are higher nowadays because they want Vray/Corona quality in a fraction of the time…here’s where UE4 saves the day! Yeah I know the learning curve is almost as steep as a wall but it is worth it at the end of the day. I encourage everyone to use it.