Northern Wisps by Bartosz Domiczek

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This is my final entry for the CABINS challenge. I had a lot of fun with this project and I have been working on it consequently since the beginning of the challenge. In the end, I have made 18 still image renderings and three spherical renderings. Some more complex, other ones focusing on the details or being some kind of trivial stuff.

My cabins are placed in Icelandic Thórsmörk but I made several different scenes to show various aspects of the place. From quite barren hills to lush woody areas.

The cabins themselves are formed as white ephemeral monoliths, contrasting with the organic surrounding and being something between the reminiscence of the ancient dwelling built around the fireplace and the idea of Nordic gods standing in the row on a mountain ridge.


Looking good. Great visuals

Man the whole series just have stunning images. Any megascan assets?

Sure @youkishi

It was a must for the entry, but now that you mention it, I think listing the assets would be a good idea!

Hi. It might be difficult to list each one of them (they don’t have unique naming that’s easy to follow) but generally, I focused on rocks and there are examples of each type they provide (volcanic, granite, sandstone). Additionally, there are a few plants (most notably dead trees).

Thanks @bartosz.domiczek

I’ll ask the goof people at Quixel about a good way to do this, if any.

Welcome to TALK :wink:

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I love the composition intended for this image. A subject in the center is a beautiful way of enhancing its relevance. It would have been amazing to see a tiny bit more sky above the subject (cabin) in this image - I think it would bring more balance to the composition.

Beautiful work!


Nice, how do you find displacement in corona so far? Do you find yourself using the high poly rocks from Megascans or the lower LOD + displacement + Normals combo works for this scene?

Thank you, Ronen, for inviting me here.
@jellyjuicelondon Thank you. I think you are right about the sky. I already thought about it but haven’t fixed it yet.
@youkishi I used highest LOD + displacement because I just could afford it with a bunch of memory available. : ) It’s usage went up to 170GB in some scenes (not this particular one). On the other hand, I am working now a bit on the video from this project and it looks pretty similar with this displacement turned off.


Jesus!! 170gb for one scene , You have to share us the kind of monster you’re driving

Hi @bartosz.domiczek
Please try to add that bit more sky to your image - I have edited your image in photoshop very quicly to explain what I mean and also to see if it would add much to your final result and I think you’d be surprised with the impact a simple change in aspect ratio would do. I’m surprised and I think you have done a wonderful job!

Well… to illustrate my study, this is your image with a little bit of sky added to the top:

And this is the grid I started it with:

Then I went even further and added an extra element to bring a bit more drama to the composition - I have placed a crescent moon in the central top third of your image. The moon has such a grand presence in nature that it can counterbalance an image composition really well even when very small. That additional sky plus a tiny moon would provide the perfect balance against the darker base of your image, in my opinion:

And again… This is the grid for the second composition:

That is just a study case I’ve done quicky based on your work. I hope you like it and I’m sorry for the lousy photoshop work (I’m quite busy today)!


I think it’s a really nice development. Usually, I am really not a fan of Moon sneaking into visualizations but here it somehow plays with the lamp over the entrance and the quasi-sacred (the character and the arch with its reflection was intended to be some kind of a far-fetched transfigured medieval representation in a mandorla) central axis composition.

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Sure, I’ve got dual xeon e5-2697v4 with 256 GB memory. I don’t say it’s necessary for those scenes but I just don’t need to care about optimizing anything (which wouldn’t be so hard if needed).

haha - I agree and I think people over-do it most of the time… or they just place it in a random spot in their viz without much thought towards composition elements.
The moon needs to be used very carefully in specific scenarios and I think your image is one of them. It really enhances the drama and it helps with center alignment. It also emphasizes the triangular structure in your camera angle.


@ronen I’m sorry if I TALK too much, this platform is so exciting. Well done! :smiley:

Keep it going @jellyjuicelondon :wink: this is why I started (re-started) this place!

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What is there to say about this project that hasn’t been said already. Absolutely fantastic work! I especially like how seamlessly the Megascans assets are blended into each of the separate environments. I was really struggling with my 64 GB memory, I could do with 256 GB!

Thank you! When I bought this memory two years ago I hadn’t had a single project that required more than 64GB and it seems I have just got really laidback with optimization since that time. : )