NYC Diamonds by Pictown



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The project is situated in the real context of New York City. The whole scene is created as 3D. Only a photo of the city in the background and water in the foreground is inserted in post-production.
Some context-buildings were modeled according to reality. Other existing buildings were invented by us as well as skyscrapers (NYC Diamonds). We also used several models of skyscrapers and a building from the Video Copilot Metropolitan. We had to remodel all the buildings in this package and fix some textures. It was necessary to add a few details to these models. Basically, they served us because of proportions and typology.
We created water using displace texture (Phoenix FD). We have “slightly improved” water in post-production by adding real water texture.
We used Forest Pack to create the whole landscape.
More than 1000 lights were used in the scene, although only VrayLightMtl were used for the surrounding buildings.


Studio: N/A / Artist: Pictown
Work: Personal
Designer: Pictown
Client: N/A .
Software: 3dsmax,Advanced Painter,Forest Pack,Photoshop,V-Ray