Ordinary Beauty by vittorio.bonapace

Originally published at: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/?p=129286

I imagine this project as a new heart beating center for the city.

Community is the center of these visuals. The message and the story I wanted to tell are not the architecture itself. The scheme is meant to surround and frame people’s stories and feelings.

It is not about outstanding offered services or modern and beautiful infrastructures, but how the new amazing area will inspire and change people who are living there, who are working there and who engage with it.

People having a relaxing time into the park, enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful Saturday morning. A model having a photo shoot for a magazine inside the awesome Vessel, inspirational design building which is the iconic face of the Masterplan. Some friends are enjoying life after a long day on a roof terrace with a fantastic panoramic view, enhancing the beauty and magic of lighting.

Sunshine through nature. A night in the sky. Eccentric fashion. These are the main themes I’ve explored within these visuals to tell a story about the Scheme and how beautiful it could be to interact and engage with it.

Get there. Get inspired. Eat and drink all the beauty.