Piso Vilas Real-Time Arcvhiz Walkthrough by Constantinos Demetriou


Originally published at: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/showcase/piso-vilas-real-time-arcvhiz-walkthrough/

Because I lack in artistic skills, I bought a book called Small & Chic Interiors (showcase’s beautiful apartments designed from different architect’s), as a means to guide me mostly with colors. After finishing the book I found an apartment that I really like, and so I email the designer asking for the 2d drawings which he eventually did, helping me that way tremendously since the 2d drawings are the pillars of each real time arcvhiz project.


Studio: Meililuna / Artist: Constantinos Demetriou
Work: Personal
Designer: María G. Ferro , Jordi Castro
Client: N/A .
Software: 3dsmax,AutoCAD,Photoshop,Unreal Engine