Railway Water Tower

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Tower was build in the 30s but the concrete structure is still robust and firm. The facility is located near a remote little town surrounded by open fields, a perfect scenery for escapists dream and train enthusiasts. I do have dimensions for this building as I have made an inventory documentation during my years in college. I already have a rough Idea for its conversion which I would like to explore in my next entry but for now I can tell that the main focus of this project and its archviz is going to be to show a mixture between the old and the new but with a twist.




While it doesn’t look all that impressive from the outside, I can’t wait to see the conversion on the interior. In some areas, an elevator view could cost you a few thousand dollars! Any ideas on how you’d go about the method of going up and down the verticality nature of the design?

Hi! Yes I thought about that issue. There is a concrete staircase within the core of the tower but an elevator also would be a nice addition there since the top is 5 stories up from the ground. I do plan to make an interior shot from the water tank at the top to utilize the potential of the view. Thanks!