RELAX YOUR MIND by Region Render Studio

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The room in shades of grey opens an excellent view of the city through panorama windows.

This is how we picture a comfortable way of living and transfer it to our dear clients.

✔️By the way, the project is also a great demonstration of how the furniture can be presented in an interior.
It helps to understand how any piece of furniture looks in a room and not just by itself.
We always study each and every detail before adding it to our designs so that everything can be presented as a single entity, where things are perfectly balanced.

🪑In the bedroom, you see our visualization of the #PachaLoungeChair by GUBI.

More projects are yet to come🧡


Studio: Region Render Studio / Artist: Tigran Grigoryan
Work: Commissioned Project
Designer: N/A .
Client: N/A .
Location: Russia Russia