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The expression of this Architecture, translated not only the teachings of Le Corbusier’s letter of attention, but also the Modern forms developed in Brazil, the greatest representatives of the modern movement in Angola were the architects Vasco Viera da Costa and Simão de Carvalho, who having being a pupil of Le Corbuier, they had in Angola the space for experimenting with movement, creating rational and functional buildings with well-defined geometric shapes and lack of sense of purpose.

The buildings It is located in Angola on the African continent in the city of Luanda, due to my higher education in architecture, I love to see the modern old buildings and it gives a new function to maintain the same function or even maintain the same function. My country does not know how to treat and value these buildings which + is a great masterpiece on earth. And I always try to show with my art as much as the old buildings can gain a new life and value the work of great architects such as Vasco Viera da Costa and Simão de carvalho.

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I love this one on many levels!

With all this sand… is this by the sea?

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it is in Praia, it is the first hotel that was built in my city it is practically the first modern building in my city

Wow, so it is a heritage building with local historical significance.

I hope you can go forward keeping some of the historical features intact and even elevated, telling the story of the town and area.

This should be great, look forward to it.

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How’s your progress on this one?

Curious to see this one evolve…

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Damn! Love me some Le Corbusier! Seems to have huge potential, excited to see where you take this!

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