RHYBECK - 2039 / RHYBECKTURM by Piraveenan Raveendrarajah


Originally published at: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/showcase/rhybeck-2039-rhybeckturm/

In the course of my Matura thesis I designed this visualization with a glass/copper facade. The skyscraper borders directly on the Rhine port and on the Rhine swimming pool I designed.

The visualization you see before you is my first in my career as a future architect. I created the 3D model with ArchiCAD and worked on it afterwards with Photoshop. In comparison to other more professional visualizations my picture is in the shade, but I think it is still good for my first visualization. I try to top the last one with each further visualization and to develop myself.


Studio: PiRa Studio / Artist: Piraveenan Raveendrarajah
Work: Personal
Designer: N/A .
Client: N/A .
Software: ArchiCAD,Photoshop