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The first effect of the rising sea level will probably be a modification of the urban layout of coastal cities. Cities are called to rise, raising roads and readapting existing buildings meanwhile Nature will reappropriate the lower spaces of the old city. It’s a race against time: will humans manage to reconcile with overwhelming Nature? Men have to reconvert their life in a more sustainable way as quickly as possible.

I imagined Hudson Yard’s exterior of the future as a layered space where the lower part has already been covered by water and is reachable by boat. The upper part are occupied by reconverted buildings and ongoing building sites. In this context the lanscape platform is going to be rebuilt several meters above.


Hi @flow, very interesting concept!

Climate issues definitely are a time-bomb for us, just read this article earlier about the current situation and was freaked out!: Greenland and Antarctica ice melting 6 times faster

I remember there was an interesting vision for Tokyo bay city by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) and Leslie E. Robertson Associates: Tokyo 2045

Hope this could be useful for your work!
Look forward to seeing more update from you.

Good luck Flow!
Duy Phan


I love this concept a lot… and not too far from reality if we don’t take action now!

So you open up the possibillty for both above and under the water exploration of this concept?

Thanks for the info @duy-phan - it seems highly relevant and helpful.


Thanks a lot Ronen! I still don’t know exactly where my project will land… : )
Actually i’m thinking about two images of the two phases before and after the construction.
I don’t know…of course an underwater view will be interesting. Let’s see what I can do.
And thanks for the reference! I had never seen it before


Oh amazing concept, I too have been working on something similar, I researched in detail about new york’s problem about rising sea levels, although hudson yards is not a part of the area that might get submerged, It is still very very prone to more frequent floods, my concept is to build an environment for the architecture to sustain this issue.

This link might help in the visualization for nyc’s future problem’s.


Hi @flow, I like your idea of using a future global crisis as a story background and drive the design direction of your subject building. From a storytelling perspective, I can already see there is so much potential in the concept you can portray, it would be interesting to see how the space above the water forming a contrast with that under the water, or how the users of the space would take advantage of the architecture itself and adapt to the activities under water.

Great work, looking forward to your next update!


I’m actually working to transform the vessel in a underwater platform. Thanks to all!


Hi Mustafa. Look for Venice Italy. Most of the transport are done by boat because rivers come into the city from the sea. I think most of the coastal cities in a not so far future will be similar to Venice…if I imagine a station it is like a train or a subway station with water rails. I’m curious.
Keep going


That would be perfect in terms of telling the story of the place over time…