Rubber Plant in UE4

Little by little, I’m deepening more into the world of Unreal Engine.

Currently, I’m doing some tests with interior lighting and vegetation in UE4. Here are some images of these tests.

I have not done tests with Unreal Studio yet. I hope to do so in the next weeks.

Hope you like it!


Hi @tonifresnedo, welcome to TALK :wink:

First thing, if you remove UE4 from this post, this looks like an offline render which is super cool!

My first impression is that it looks (feels) a bit too plastic, but looking at some references I see that it does look like that at times. Maybe photos were taken after cleaning and spraying it :wink:

I see that the mesh is pretty dense… the bumpiness we see comes from that or the shader?

Love this and looking forward to seeing your progress.

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Hi @ronen ,

First of all thanks for your words, really appreciated. :wink:

About the leaves, maybe is a little bit shiny but as you said, I found some photo references that the leaves are very shiny I don’t know if taken after cleaning :slight_smile: but what I have seen is that there is a very broad range of brightness with the photo samples that I have found.

For the mesh, I did two LOD’s, one for close up and other for the standard camera views. In this case can see the High density LOD. This is a impressive feature, the possibility of the change automatically betwen High or Low poly depending of the distance betewen camera and object.

Hope share more progress, soon.

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