Salmon Center by Omegarender

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We are happy to show you another eye-catching visualization that we made for one of our regular clients Tanken Arkitektur. Salmon Center is a part of the Norwegian national eco-minded project Arven.

The building is intended to be a production facility for smolt and an information center for visitors. The center conveys the history of wild salmon, and how work is being done to improve the negative impacts on the salmon. This can be anything from salmon lice, escaped farmed salmon, pollution, diseases, and watercourse regulations. Visitors will also be able see the wild salmon in various phases and sizes during their life cycle.

In the design of the building, Tanken Arkitektur has taken the circle and the spiral as a starting point. And it was essential for us to depict not only the architecture itself but also to give the scene the atmosphere that the client desires.



Studio: Omegarender / Artist: Omegarender
Work: Commissioned Project
Designer: N/A .
Client: Tanken Arkitektur
Location: N/A N/A

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